KAPiSco ‘04

The Experience

  • Photo of Lyn and Simon on the coach

    Lyn and Simon

  • Photo of Nicole, Carl, Ginni, and Doug on the coach

    Nicole, Ginni, Carl, Doug

  • Photo of Merv on the coach


KAPiSco—Kite Aerial Photography in Scotland—was a week of intense KAPing throughout Scotland in mid June, 2004. The event went off without a hitch, thanks to flawless planning by our trip leader, Simon Harbord, and his (now) fiancee Lyn Fletcher. Simon proposed to Lyn during the trip at the Ring of Brodgar on summer soltice, at 4AM in the morning!

We woke up at 3AM that morning to witness the sunrise over the stone circle (60° latitude), but alas, there was no chance that the sun would penetrate the dense cloud cover that we experienced for most of our 2-day stay on the Orkney Islands. Having said that, I think we were quite fortunate overall with the weather—a fair amount of sun (by Scotland standards) and little rain.

We formed a small, intimate group, which I believe everyone would agree was ideal. It was Carl and Nicole Bigras from Ottawa, Merv Cooper from Toronto, Simon and Lyn of Aberdeen, Doug and Ginni Davlin from Colorado Springs, and your author. We were also joined en-route by several other British KAPers: Patrick and Marilyn Snodin, James Gentles, and Peter McCulloch.

Simon hired a coach and driver to cart us around on our 1200 mile journey. During the course of a week, we shot numerous castles and stone circles, archaeologic remains of ancient, 5000 year-old civilizations, ship wrecks, and much more. My favorite site was McCaig’s Tower, a structure that resembles the Roman Colosseum which is situated on top of a hill overlooking Oban. It was a short stroll from where we stayed, the Kimberly Hotel, a century-old building that sits above the city centre and harbor.

My only regret is that I did not slow down and truly appreciate the amazing sites we were visiting. Instead, I was focused on KAPing. I usually felt like I was in a mad rush to launch my kite, get the rig attached and carefully compose my images, then retreive the camera and pack everything up in time to be on the bus for departure. As the others will certainly attest, I was almost always the last person on the bus for departure.

The Photos

  • 360° panoramas—virtual reality panoramas taken at Slain’s Castle, Dunnottar Castle, and McCaig’s Tower.
  • View the entire KAPiSco set, or individual sets by location:

Day 4: June 16

Day 5: June 17

Day 6: June 18

  • Photo of Merv's and my reflection in a tea kettle

    Merv holds the tea kettle as I photograph us having breakfast at Kimberly House Hotel just after shooting McCaig’s Tower.

  • Photo of me hanging onto the kite as I launch the camera

    The cliff edge at Dunnottar Castle—I’m listening intently to be certain the shutter is triggering.

KAPiSco Montage by Patrick Snodin

Photo montage created by Patrick and Marilyn Snodin that sums up the KAPiSco Experience quite nicely. Thanks Patrick and Marilyn, and the entire KAPiSco crew!

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