Kite Aerial Photography: What’s New?

May 2010

Asian Photography Magazine

I was featured in the “Pro Profile” section of Asian Photography’s March 2010 issue, discussing my kite aerial photography, nighttime photography, and urban exploration.

November 2008

Parkfield Shake Table

My friend D.V. Rogers installed an earthquake shake table in Parkfield, CA, the “earthquake capital of California.” The art piece is an earthwork that shakes in near real-time in response to California earthquakes. USGS recently sent me down to document the artwork using kite aerial and nighttime photography.

October 2008

The Deltaworks

In June 2007, I was invited as a special guest to join Job van de Sande, head of Deltaworks Online, to document the country’s most important dams and sluices using kite aerial photography to produce a set of 360 Panoramas.

March 2008

Berkeley Law School Brochure

In September 2007, I was granted special access to the top section of the Berkeley Campanile to shoot a kite aerial photo for the opening page of the Law School’s brochure for prospective students.

October 2007

ABC NewsRadio, Australia Interview

10-minute live interview on ABC NewsRadio, Australia’s Early Morning show. We discuss how I got into KAP, equipment and technique, inspiration, composition, autoKAP, and mishaps.

June 2007

Sport and Design article

Wolfgang Bieck, one of the pioneers of modern day kite aerial photography, wrote a very nice article about me for a German kiting magazine called Sport and Design.

January 2007

Bubble Panos in Google Earth

A new technique makes it possible to navigate 360 degree panoramas in Google Earth.

October 2006


I finally updated “My Favorite Photos” to include more recent images from the past couple years. I think the last time I updated it was in early 2004! I plan to continually flag my best images as I capture them from now on.

October 2006


I added a new section to highlight special features. Included is a new set of pages devoted to Burning Man 2006, as well as the 1906 San Francisco re-shoot from last April.

May 2006

iStockphoto interview has a very nice piece on aerial photography, from it’s beginnings in France in the 1850s to modern techniques, including KAP. I contributed several photos and an interview for the 7-page article.

April 2006

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Re-shoot

Photographer George Lawrence documented the damage of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake by lifting his panoramic camera over the city using a series of kites. Together with Drachen Foundation, I plan to re-shoot his photo using modern day equipment and techniques. Update: On April 17, 2006, we successfully re-shot Lawrence’s photo.

December 2005

New Rigs

I recently built two new rigs: one for a Nikon D70s digital SLR and a dedicated panorama rig for shooting bubble panos.

September 2005

LA Times Article

A brief article by Janet Cromley ran in the August 16, 2005 Outdoors section. There are a couple pics and the article focuses mostly on equipment.

August 2005

KAP in Romania

I recently finished an assignment in Romania working with Dan Dimancescu, an American Romanian who is passionate about increasing tourism in Romania. Compared to western Europe, tourism in Romania is virtually non-existent. Dan hopes that my KAPpanos will help encourage tourists to visit his new Inn in Balaban (Bran).

August 2005

Five New Bubble Panoramas

Several shot close to home (Stanford University Campus) as well as one in North Carolina and another in Romania.

July 2005

Scott Haefner: View from Above

Derrick Story at O’reilly Digital Media wrote a piece on me for their “Featured Photographer” series.

May 2005

New Equipment Pages

I’ve revamped the Equipment pages. In particular, there is a new gear page that has all of my equipment indexed, and I’ve redone the kites page.

April 2005

Kiting Magazine

The winning photo by Jerry Fincher and four runners up from the 2004 AKA Convention’s People’s Choice Award were published in Kiting Magazine. I had two photos in the top five.

March 2005

Digital Camera World Article

Karl Foster interviews Peter Bults and me for this short KAP article featuring several photos from my portfolio.

July 2004

KAPiSco ‘04

A week of intense KAPing throughout Scotland in June 2004. Read about my experience and view the photos and panoramas that I took.

July 2004

PDN’s PIX Magazine

Kitetastic! Article by Scott Tillitt profiling me and describing the art of kite aerial photography.

June 2004

Photo Techniques USA Magazine

Article I wrote explaining my perspective on the art of KAPing. Learn more about my equipment and the techniques that I use.

May 2004

Interview with Scott Tillit

I answer a few questions about my inspiration, artistic style, and technique for an article in the July 2004 issue of PDN Magazine.

April 2004

Digital Camera Magazine

Four-page KAP story featuring photos by Simon Harbord, Cris Benton, and me.

April 2004

Good Times

Excellent article that appeared in the Santa Cruz County entertainment magazine. One of my shots made the cover!

March 2004

Repackaged transmitter

Photos and details of my repackaged transmitter.

February 2004

New rig

Photos and details of my new, carbon rig, including downloadable plans.

January 2004

Discovery Channel, Canada

The Discovery Channel flew to SF to produce a video clip on kite aerial photography featuring Cris Benton and me.

December 2003

BBC News World Edition

Article on kite aerial photography featuring photos from my portfolio.

December 2003

Three new 360-degree panoramas

Pt. Arena Lighthouse, Treasure Island, and Pacific Shores Center.

December 2003

2003 Canon Award

My 360-degree panoramas won the 2003 Canon award in the web design category.

November 2003

Kiting Magazine

Article I submitted to The Journal of the American Kiteflyer’s Association. In it, I recount the near-disaster I had when I dunked my camera in a Kansas City Fountain.

August 2003

Shooting Digital

A new book on digital photography that includes a section on my kite photography (techniques, equipment, photos, etc.).

July 2003

San Francisco Chronicle

Full-page article by Dave Weinstein profiling a day in the life of a KAPer. Dave joined me on a shoot at Pacific Shores Center in Redwood City.

November 2002

Three new 360-degree panoramas

San Andreas Fault, Montara Lighthouse, and Shoreline Amphitheatre.

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