Diamond Match

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Photo by Scott Haefner: Diamond Match

One of two surviving brick buildings constructed in 1903 at the former matchstick factory at Barber Yard in Chico. The former industrial site was forced to cease operations in 1989 due to the declining timber industry in California.

This is one of my more elaborate lighting setups. I took 3 separate exposures (combined in camera) over the course of about 10-minutes, using my programmable remote to trigger the shutter. In order to climb up to the rafters without a ladder to fill in the red light, I set a 90-second delay before opening the shutter so that I had time to climb up and get in place. Then I had to rush back down and re-program the camera before the 30-second timeout “feature” kicked in. After doing this twice, I took a third exposure, painting the lower level with a Xenon flashlight and letting the moonlight outside bake in.

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