Mare Island Naval Shipyard

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Thumbnail: Punch Cards Thumbnail: (Don't) Wash Your Hands Thumbnail: Expansive Thumbnail: Blue Lights Thumbnail: Zigzag Thumbnail: Diffusion Glass Thumbnail: Window Shade Thumbnail: Welcome Thumbnail: Worm Trails Thumbnail: Movin' on Up Thumbnail: Reemployment Center Thumbnail: Rest Room Women Thumbnail: Blast Door Thumbnail: Boys and Girls Thumbnail: Encroaching Subdivisions Thumbnail: Strands Thumbnail: Column Stripes Thumbnail: Mirror Columns Thumbnail: Rebar Web Thumbnail: Windows Echo Their Reflections Thumbnail: 5-way Head Thumbnail: Obelisk Reflections Thumbnail: Empty Columns Thumbnail: Master Disconnect Thumbnail: Art Ship Drawers Thumbnail: First Aid Thumbnail: Reflections of Reflections Thumbnail: Electric Avenue Thumbnail: Tattered Barracks

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