Palo Alto

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Thumbnail: meyerlib08 Thumbnail: meyerlib07 Thumbnail: meyerlib06 Thumbnail: meyerlib05 Thumbnail: meyerlib04 Thumbnail: meyerlib03 Thumbnail: meyerlib02 Thumbnail: meyerlib01 Thumbnail: stanford07 Thumbnail: stanford06 Thumbnail: Earth Jersey Thumbnail: stanford04 Thumbnail: stanford03 Thumbnail: windyhill04 Thumbnail: windyhill03 Thumbnail: windyhill02 Thumbnail: Urban Forest Thumbnail: construction05 Thumbnail: construction04 Thumbnail: construction03 Thumbnail: construction02 Thumbnail: construction01 Thumbnail: stanforddish02 Thumbnail: stanforddish01 Thumbnail: Arastradero Oak Thumbnail: California Poppies Thumbnail: arastradero07 Thumbnail: arastradero06 Thumbnail: Golden Thumbnail: Line of Eucalyptus Thumbnail: windyhill Thumbnail: windyhill Thumbnail: montebello03 Thumbnail: montebello02 Thumbnail: montebello01 Thumbnail: foothillspark02 Thumbnail: foothillspark01 Thumbnail: arastradero02 Thumbnail: arastradero01 Thumbnail: arastradero03 Thumbnail: Manic Thumbnail: Paul and Courtney

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