Asian Photography Magazine March 2010

I was featured in the “Pro Profile” section of Asian Photography’s March 2010 issue, discussing my kite aerial photography, nighttime photography, and urban exploration.

Asian Photography cover

Photo by Andre Hermann

A brightly coloured kite shimmering in the sun is a sight to behold, but did it ever occur that it could actually watch you quite literally? A California-based photographer Scott Haefner mounts his camera on the kite line, lets it soar high up in the sky, and while it’s is at it, the kite keeps recording all what the earthlings are up to. Haefner, at the International Kite Aerial Photography Conference in November 2002, was honoured with the title of “Most Promising New KAPer” (Kite Aerial Photographer).

KAP is a popular hobby in the West started by British meteorologist Douglas Archibald in 1887 and Arthur Batut in Labruguiére, France in 1888. But “The Adventures of Scott Haefner” doesn’t end there. Lowlight shooting, light painting, 360-degree panorama, gigapans and pole aerial photography are just some of the other techniques he is adept in. One is amazed to see how he creates drama in his images of abandoned sites and decrepit industrial scraps, missle silos and ghost ships. He shares with Asian Photography his experiences with KAP, lowlight shooting and lightpainting.

The article is followed by an interview, which you can read in the .pdf file of the article or by clicking the thumbnails below.

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