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In the summer of '96, Wes and his wife, Faith, and I drove 900 miles to see REM's hometown of Athens, Georgia. We left Kansas at 4pm and pulled into Matt's apartment at 7am the following day, after driving all night. It was kind of weird because none of us knew Matt - I had "met" him on the Internet through an REM tape trade in the past, and I remembered mailing his tape to Athens. Well, he wasn't an ax murderer or anything, and we stayed at his place for the week really cheap. We had a great time, and we even got to see the Olympics in Atlanta. All of these photos were taken by me (except the one of the band, of course).

trestle.jpg - 26.85 K remtrstl.jpg - 18.15 K
This picture, which appeared on the REM Quilt, is our attempt to reproduce REM's trestle photo. It actually took us quite some time to figure out exactly where the photo was originally staged. From L-R is Matt, Faith, me (Scott), and Wes

stipe.jpg - 48.9 K
Michael Stipe's house

buckmanr.jpg - 18.59 K
The Buck Manor
porch.jpg - 18.48 K
The porch REM was interviewed on for OOT, on the right side of the Buck Manor
jkeane.jpg - 16.33 K
John Keane Studios - REM records demos and side projects here
office.jpg - 19.69 K
The old Athens, Ltd., now used for rehearsals and storage
40watt.jpg - 20.33 K
The 40 Watt Club
wuxtry.jpg - 16.22 K
Wuxtry Records, where Michael Stipe and Peter Buck met
walters.jpg - 13.51 K
Walter's BBQ
weavers.jpg - 13.78 K
Weaver D's Automatic for the People Restaurant

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You can also see photos of Michael Stipe that I took at the Nova Convention.
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